Aïsha Devi meets G W Pabst’ Geheimnisse einer Seele

Aisha Devi 0708
Fri Dec 12 – 9:00PM -- 11:00PM


Damage: €5,00

CineSonic is proud to present a screening of G W Pabst’ fantastic 1925 Geheimnisse einer Seele (Secrets of a Soul) with a new soundtrack composed and performed live by Geneva based Aïsha Devi.

Laying her Kate Wax moniker to rest after releases on Trevor Jackson’s Output and James Holden’s Border Community, the enigmatic Aïsha Devi set forth on a new adventure with Danse Noire, her own sanctuary-label in 2013. Danse Noire is dedicated to exploring abstracted techno/club structures. Swiss-born, half-Tibetan, totally driven, self-producing avant-garde producer Devi's own music mines her Tibetan heritage, using her machines to transmute deep meditation. Whether they are guttural or soprano, Devi’s warped pop mantras instruct us to find the unseen through a tense, visceral musical landscape that is often gnarled and industrial as it is danceable.

With a brilliant tip of the hat to Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, German filmmaker G.W. Pabst offers Secrets of a Soul, a convoluted tale of a chemistry professor (Caligari's Werner Krauss) haunted by inexplicable resentments. The professor doesn't really dislike his wife's cousin, who is returning after several years in India: why, then do thoughts of murder keep entering his head? The dream sequences--to which Pabst gave credence by hiring two of Freud's assistants as consultants--elaborate upon existing Freudian symbolism to the bursting point. Pabst had always been fascinated by the subconscious; here he seems intoxicated by the subject. Especially effective is Pabst's use of multiple dissolves and superimpositions, all accomplished "in the camera" without any post-production lab work. (Hal Erickson, Rovi)

Staged at the beautifull classic room of the Goethe Institute Amsterdam, live performance & film screening, Aisha’s musical tactility pared with Pabst’ intoxication will make for an enigmatic intimate live cinema experience that will surely last.

This CineSonic show is generously supported by the Swiss Arts Counsil Pro Helvetia & the Goethe Institute Amsterdam