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Sat Jun 9 – 8:00PM -- 11:45PM

Where: OT301

Part of the two day AMERICAN MAGUS festival.

* * * Man Ray * * * Maya Deren * * *
From two of the most influential avant-garde artists, five experimental compositions in the tradition of Dada and Surrealist filmmaking. With a use of editing that anticipates modern music videos and videoart and with their non-linear, dreamlike narrative, these movies had a tangible influence on the works of directors as David Lynch or Olivier Assayas.

This selection of short films will be presented with a live electronic soundscape performed by Murk & Hakki Takki.

* * * Stan Brakhage * * * Dog Star Man (1962-1964) ***
A man’s struggle with the elements as a reflection on the human condition. A visual philosophical meditation made of manipulated frames, slow motions and repetitions. Brakhage’s revolutionary experimental filmmaking enters the realm of metaphysics, creating lyrical images that defy any categorization and can only be described as pure poetry in motion.

Dog Star Man will be presented with a live improvised soundtrack performed by: Filippo Castellazzi (guitar), Michael Stratz (double bass) and Murk (sound effects).