Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva meets Fritz Lang

Der Mude Tod1d
Fri Sep 25 – 8:00PM -- 9:30PM

Where: Goethe Institute Amsterdam

Der Müde Tod (Destiny)

| Dir. Fritz Lang | Germany | 1921 | 82 Min |

In a small town a long, long time ago, Death promised a young woman to give back to her the
life of her lover, if only she could save the lives of three young men or even only one of
them. The young woman is then transposed to three different worlds. Three times the young woman
fails in her attempts, and finally submits to death herself in order to be reunited with her lover.

Visual artist and musician Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva is one who is always busy searching for
new possibilities to give shape to thought, inspiration, wonder and excitement. This has led
him to be involved with a myriad of projects spread out over a multitude of artistic fields.

He is a member of the Rotterdam based art collective ANTISTROT with solo exhibitions and
performances held in the Netherlands and abroad. As a musician he is member of cutting-edge bands
like Stöma, Dr Schnitt & BxR, the Danish musicand dance group Wego and has played with
musicians like Jaap Blonk, Rene van BarneveldBong Ra, Coolhaven, eNi-LesS & Tok Tek