|Cine|Sonic| at Transylvania Film Festival 2012: MORPHOSIS meets Carl Theodor Dreyer's VAMPYR

Sat Jun 2 – 9:30PM -- 11:00PM


|Cine|Sonic| joins the prestigious Transylvania Film Festival in Cluj Napoca with a last minute special screening of the legendary horror classic VAMPYR with a new electronic score by one of the hottest electronic producers active today, MORPHOSIS.

It's going to be epic and damn, we're proud to be able to present this at TIFF!


MORPHOSIS has been crafting away in the nether-regions of the techno underworld since the 90s. Initially as a DJ, it was a move to Italy in 1996 which proved the catalyst for him to start experimenting in the studio. And he really did experiment: few people craft the sort of emotional, imaginative techno as has Beaini for labels like Sistrum Recordings (Detroit), M>O>S (Amsterdam) and Styrax (Berlin).

Such genuine musical ability and a range of influences from Krautrock to New Wave naturally seep into Beaini’s inventive, dark and emotional productions (no matter the moniker he is using be it Morphosis, Ra.H or whatever) and into his similarly immersive DJ sets at the finest underground clubs around the world including, amongst many others, Panoramabar, Rote Sonne, Fuse, Recyclart, Tape, Flexbar, Culture Box and Today’s Art festival.

His 2011 album 'What Have We Learned' was hailed as one of the best releases of last year by the majority of the most important publications and websites dedicated to dance and electronic music.

VAMPYR - The Strange Adventure of David Gray

Dir. Carl Theodor Dreyer - France/Germany – 1932 – 71 Min

Directed in 1932 by renowned Danish filmmaker Carl Theodor Dreyer, VAMPYR is widely recognised as one of the most grimly imaginative and atmospheric horror films in the history of cinema. Loosely inspired by Sheridan Le Fanu’s collection of short horror stories In A Glass Darkly, VAMPYR is set in an eerily hazy world where every stare hides inexplicable meanings and every encounter, possible menace. With startling camera movements and ingenious lighting effects, Dreyer’s film brings us into a macabre labyrinth of shadows from which the laws of cause and effect seem to have disappeared. As we follow the descent of traveler David Gray into his obsession with the occult and the enigmatic events unfolding in a mysterious French village, we too cannot escape the hauntingly epic struggle between light and darkness, life and death.

Show and festival info here.

Morphosis released the recordings on vynil as Dismantle / Music For Vampyr.