Filippo Castellazzi / Michael Stratz / Mark Van Soest / Mataklap & Hakki Takki meet F. W. Murnau

Fri May 14 – 8:00PM -- 9:30PM

Where: goethe Institute Amsterdam

Tabu : A Story of the South Seas 

| Dir. F. W. Murnau | Germany | 1931 | 81 min |

Murnau’s Tabu brings the ‘Romeo & Juliet’ tale in Polynesia, where the drama of a young couple unfolds. Two lovers are doomed when the girl is chosen as ‘holy maid’ and declared “tabu” to all men by a tribal edict.
Unlike his landmark expressionist titles such as Nosferatu and Faust, Tabu is filmed in sunny Tahiti and features gorgeous tropical landscapes and dazzling underwater images. Co-produced by legendary documentary filmmaker Robert Flaherty and filmed with a cast of local non-professional actors to add realism to the story, Tabu was Murnau’s last film as he died in a car accident just a few weeks before the film’s premiere.

Tabu is going to be screened with a new score composed and performed live by an electro-acoustic quartet made of two professional jazz musicians and two cutting-edge electronic producers. Filippo Castellazzi, Michael Stratz, Mark Van Soest (Mataklap), and Frank Schoeten (Hakki Takki) combine their different musical backgrounds to create a number of refined and always surprising compositions. As from 2006 this ensemble has collaborated to the composition of several soundscapes, mixing jazz music and electronics.