Barbara Morgenstern Barbara Morgenstern
Fri Sep 20 – 8:30PM -- 10:00PM

Where: Goethe Institute Amsterdam

We are very happy to announce the 3rd and last instalment of the Human Frames Live program. 

A selection of videos from Lowave's Human Frames collection will be accompanied by a new soundtrack composed and performed live by the lovely Barbara Morgenstern .

One of the primary producers on Gudrun Gut's Berlin-based electronic-pop label Monika Enterprise, Barbara Morgenstern debuted in 1999 with the Vermona ET 6-1 album.
She has since released seven albums and several EPs.
Barbara is also known for her remixes with mixes of songs by Dntel, Station 17, Ellen Allien, Malaria! and Smash TV among others.

The art film project Human Frames presents contemporary works from Europe and Asia concentrating on psychological states such as happiness, madness, fanaticism, fear, anger, isolation, melancholy and impermanence.

This live screening will include videos from the collections MELANCHOLY and IMPERMANENCE.
MELANCHOLY presents contemporary works from Asia and Europe focused on different cultural and artistic interpretations of the idea of 'melancholy', while IMPERMANENCE concentrates on the ephemeral nature of human existence.

Selected videos:

Household Gods / Vaughan Pilikian / UK / 2008
Alone in the house but haunted by other voices: six people in six rooms, somewhere in London.

Nightlife in a puddle / Fabio Scacchioli / Italy / 2010
Nightlife in a puddle is an hallucination after the storm. Shot in 8 mm, of the dark and disappearing roads scratched by lightning. The discovery that a village festivity is also possible in a puddle at night is both, terrible and sublime. Do the images drown and disappear in our memory, or are we drowning while the images observe us from an unreachable time?

Lethe/ Yuki Kawamura / Japan / 2005
Two lovers swim in the river Lethe, the river of forgetfulness and oblivion. In Greek mythology, the river Lethe flowed through the Underworld, where all those who drank from it experienced complete forgetfulness. The lovers never meet and thus drift apart. A girl dives into the river to forget an unhappy love.

Aftermath (in memory of his body) / Nose Chan & Christopher Lau / Hong Kong /2004
Aftermath investigates both the choreographer and video director’s point of view for the memory of a dying body. Taking the body as both the object and the subject, this piece abstracts the “time and space” of a dying body. The time travel of a spirit (or the soul) parallel to the “flash-back” happens in one’s mind right before his/her body dies.

Vakratunda Swaha / Ashish Avikunthak / India / 2010
In 1997, Ashish Avikunthak filmed a sequence – a friend immersing an idol of Ganesha at Chowpati beach, Bombay on the last day of the Ganapati festival. A year later, his friend committed suicide. The artist completed the film twelve years later by using his footage and creating this requiem to a dead friend.

This event is the third of a three special A/V shows taking place at Goethe Institute Amsterdam in 2013.
This program is supported by the Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst (AFK)