Ho Earth 1
Fri Feb 8 – 8:30PM -- 9:30PM

Where: Goethe Institute Amsterdam

Damage: €5,00 | Get it here!

We are proud to present HUMAN FRAMES LIVE, three special events presented in collaboration with Lowave.

For the first show of this new series Ho Tzu Nyen's award-winning experimental film EARTH will be screened live at Goethe Institute Amsterdam with a live soundtrack by BLACK TO COMM, RENATE NIKOLAUS and VINDICATRIX.


Acclaimed by art and film critics worldwide and presented at some of the most prestigious international film festivals (Cannes, Venice, Rotterdam..), EARTH is an experimental film directed by one of the most important Singaporean contemporary artists, Ho Tzu Nyen.

Inspired by the works of classical European painters such as Caravaggio, Rembrandt and Delacroix,
EARTH unfolds dramatically as the camera moves across a theatrically choreographed scene involving 50 actors, as the details of a post-apocalyptic landscape are revealed frame by frame.

Ho Tzu Nyen on Earth:
“We see the site of an unknown disaster, the debris of history that constitutes the story of Earth. Upon the site, lay fifty 50 humans oscillating between consciousness and unconsciousness, life and death. Sometimes, one of them emerges into the foreground - clutching a fist, batting an eyelid, or weeping for his neighbor. At other times, these figures recede from the light, losing their individual shapes to form a gigantic organism, breathing in unison, pulsating like a jellyfish, though their journey across Earth.”

EARTH will be screened in HD with a live score by BLACK TO COMM (electronics), RENATE NIKOLAUS (strings) and VINDICATRIX (voice).

BLACK TO COMM is a project of Marc Richter, producer of experimental electronic music and owner of the label Dekorder.
BLACK TO COMM's hypnotic and multi-layered compositions mix field recordings, loops and drones to create meditative and intense musical odysseys.

RENATE NIKOLAUS is an Hamburg based musician, visual artist and collaborator on several BLACK TO COMM releases.

VINDICATRIX is the alter-ego of David Airde.
Released by Mordant Music, VINDICATRIX creates mysterious and complex soundscapes with the use of rhythm patterns, ethereal sounds and his own voice.

This show starts a new collaboration between |Cine|Sonic| and the Paris based experimental DVD label Lowave and their art project Human Frames. This February event is the first of a three special A/V shows taking place at Goethe Institute Amsterdam in 2013.

This program is supported by the Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst (AFK) and kindly sponsored by De Filmfreak and by L'Ozio.