Kevin Toma meets Arthur Robinson's SCHATTEN at Goethe Institute Rotterdam

Thu Oct 11 – 8:00PM -- 10:00PM

Where: Goethe Institute Rotterdam

Damage: €5,00

After the live screening of NERVEN in Amsterdam, our second collaboration with the talented Kevin Toma is going to be hosted by Goethe Institute Rotterdam.

For our very first show there, we'll be screening SCHATTEN, one of the most intriguing films from the Expressionist era. The film will be presented with a new atmospheric score composed and played live by Toma.


Arthur Robinson
Germany – 1923 – 85 min

A mysterious travelling illusionist is invited to entertain the guests of a dinner party with a shadow puppetry show. The spectacle soon pushes the host of the party into uncontrollable fits of jealousy and suspicion towards his wife and his guests. Hidden desires overtake reason as a murky world of repressed emotions begins to emerge, making it more and more difficult to separate fantasy from reality.

A masterpiece of German Expressionist cinema, SCHATTEN is widely recognised as one of the most startlingly original films of the silent era. Arthur Robison originally shot the film entirely without intertitles, using shadows, reflections and silhouettes to expose an inner world of repressed erotic desires through surrealistic images. SCHATTEN boasts gorgeous visual effects and the extraordinary camera work of Fritz Arno Wagner, the German cinematographer who is renowned for his work with Fritz Lang (Spies, M) and F.W. Murnau (Nosferatu).

"A mesmerising psychological thriller" - Los Angeles Times


Besides writing reviews and articles for Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, Toma is well known for his film scores, which he keeps performing throughout the whole country. He melds soundscapes, beats and samples with live piano music, often inviting guest musicians to participate in his early movie-music ensemble Listen to the Ghost. SCHATTEN is going to performed by Toma solo, mixing piano improvisations with often otherworldly electronic sounds.