Kevin Toma meets Robert Reinert's Nerven

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Fri Feb 24 – 8:00PM -- 10:00PM

Where: Goethe Institute Nederland

Damage: €5,00

Live screening of the German silent classic Nerven with a new atmospheric score by Kevin Toma.

Dir. Robert Reinert, Germany, 1919, 110 min

In Nerven, writer-director-producer Robert Reinert tried to capture the "nervous epidemic" caused by war and misery which "drives people mad". This unique portrait of the life in 1919 Germany, filmed on location in Munich, describes the cases of different people from all levels of society: Factory owner Roloff who looses his mind in view of catastrophies and social disturbances, teacher John who is the hero of the masses and Marja who turns into a radical revolutionary. Using different fragments the Munich Film Museum could reconstruct this forgotten German classic which is a historic document and anticipates already elements of the Expressionist cinema of the 1920s.

Kevin Toma

Kevin Toma (Sittard, 1974) studied Film at the Radboud University Nijmegen. After his education, he has kept expressing his love for film in very different ways: as a film critic for several news papers and magazines, but also as a composer of music for early films. Besides writing reviews and articles for Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, Toma is well known for his film scores, which he keeps performing throughout the whole country. He melds soundscapes, beats and samples with live piano music, often inviting guest musicians to participate in his early movie-music ensemble Listen to the Ghost. This summer, Listen to the Ghost performed Toma's new score for the Danish horror documentary Häxan (1922) at the Lowlands Music Festival. Nerven is going to performed by Toma solo, mixing piano improvisations with often otherworldly electronic sounds.