Kingalita and Turo Rudi Gypsy band meet Kosta Novakovic

Gresnica Bez Greha1927 01
Sat Oct 31 – 8:00PM -- 9:30PM

Where: Kriterion

Gresnica Bez Greha (Sinner Without Sin)

| Dir. Kosta Novakovic | Yugoslavia | 1927 | 66 Min |

New soundtrack performed live by:
Kingalita and Turo Rudi Gypsy band

Sinner Without Sin is a story about a young girl who leaves her small village and fiancé to travel to Belgrade. While in the city she falls for a man she thinks is a wealthy aristocrat, not knowing he actually prefers to rob banks. Sinner Without Sin starts as a love story, then evolves into a ‘sexploitation’ film. For the last few reels we end up with a detective story that somehow coexists with a comedy routine by two men doing deliberate imitations of Laurel and Hardy. In short, a magnificent document which brings us back to pre-Yugoslavian times.

Part of the Balkan Snapshots Film Festival at cinema Kriterion Amsterdam