Knalpot meets Frans Zwartjes at EYE Film Institute

Fri Dec 16 – 9:45PM -- 11:30PM

Where: EYE Film Institute Nederland

Damage: €8,00 | Get it here!

|Cine|Sonic| collaborates with E*Cinema, the renowned monthly series of EYE Film Institute dedicated to experimental cinema, for a special live show of KNALPOT. 

Amsterdam indie darlings KNALPOT present their sonic interpretation of three classic short films of legendary Dutch experimental director Frans Zwartjes. As a warm-up round EYE has programmed three spectacular Martha Colburn flicks.

This live screening / concert marks the last E*Cinema event at the gorgeous Filmmuseum building in the Vondelpark.

KNALPOT hails from the fertile music pastures of Amsterdam, formed by Raphaël Vanoli and Gerri Jäger in October 2007. Both musicians are unmistakably rooted in rock music, experienced in many musical genres and are reputable musicians from the vibrating Amsterdam music scene. KNALPOT’s music is a fresh original experience consisting of minimal song structures, low fuzz riffs, stumbling grooves, clouds of chirps and swirls,tranquility and sonic noise parts. Their self-proclaimed rascal style has a modernizing combo sound that is reminiscent of 80's computer game aesthetics, a taste of the sound of London’s WARP label and is played with Led Zeppelin rock attitude.


Spectator (Frans Zwartjes – NL – 1970 – 11 min)
Spectator focuses on one of the recurring themes explored by Frans Zwartjes: the relationship between man and woman. It is a relationship marked by strong power and dominance, sexual attraction and repulsion. It manifests itself in humiliation and abuse, but also cool eroticism or natural physicality.

Living (Frans Zwartjes – NL – 1971 – 15 min)
Living is part of the five-chaptered Home, Sweet Home that Frans Zwartjes filmed in the period 1969-1971. Zwartjes walks through his house with his wife Trix. In his hand he holds a camera with a wide angle lens (5.7 cm) with which he films the rooms, himself and his wife. Edited directly and filmed without looking through the viewfinder - so that he cannot see what he shoots - Zwartjes offers a vivid impression of his virtuoso skills.

Moving Stills (Paul de Nooijer & Frans Zwartjes – NL – 1972 – 7 min)
Photos of a girl while she removes her sweater suggest a movement. The film is a collaboration between Frans Zwartjes and his disciple Paul de Nooijer, two of the most renowned Dutch experimental filmmakers.

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