Lazer & Hannes Freitag meet Lotte Reiniger

Prinzen Achmed Title
Fri Sep 24 – 8:00PM -- 9:20PM

Where: Goethe Institute Amsterdam

Die Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed (The Adventures of Prince Achmed)

| Dir: Lotte Reiniger | Germany | 1923-26 | 66 min |

Based on stories from The Arabian Nights, The Adventures of Prince Achmed is the oldest surviving animated feature film in the history of cinema. Tricked by a wicked sorcerer, the heroic Prince Achmed flies off on top of a flying horse through a series of astonishing adventures and supernatural encounters.

A highly influential film in the history of animated cinema, The Adventures of Prince Achmed was created using a cut-up technique used in traditional Chinese shadow plays which was adapted by the director to the technical possibilities offered by cinema. The final result is a wonderful blend of abstract imaginary and poetic narrative that still maintains the timeless appeal of its enchanting charm.

The Adventures of Prince Achmed will be screened with a new electronic score composed and performed live by: Lazer & Hannes Freitag.

Lazer started as a highschool punk band drummer and band member of different experimental rocknroll bands till end of the nineties. After the millenium he started DJ-ing on international student squat parties, DIY festivals and living room sauna parties. Beside his love for vinyl, authentic disco synth and german psychedelic lederhosen he is producing and creating sounds in hisblackboxlab. After a big 4/4 beat depression he went back to a varied music concept to pleasure the crowd and create a unforgetable state of mind.

Hannes Freitag is a techno & minimal producer and Dj from Kleve, Germany. He started Dj-ing in 2001 with some kind of techno stuff in smaller locations near to the Netherlands... He's always interested in new sounds and new releases by other people.