LEGOWELT meets Mattijn Seip, J.C. Mol & Bart Vegter

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Thu 3 Mar @ 11:50PM --
Fri 4 Mar, 12:30AM

Where: Melkweg Cinema

Damage: €30,00

Already more then 10 years in the business of slamming dance music, Danny Wolfers - LEGOWELT - has released a dozen or so projects on various formats, most of them on good ol' vinyl released on home base Bunker records, The Hague's legendary pioneering electronic music label. LEGOWELT's music can't easily be described but imagine a hybrid form of slam jack The Hague electronix combined with deep chicago trax, obscure & romantic ghetto technofunk, EuroHorror Soundtracks and you'll be close to pin-pointing it.

Rubbish | Dir. Mattijn Seip | Netherlands | 1972 | 12 min |
Film about the beauty of impermanence and all the things that people throw away. A visual blend made of recognizable realistic images and abstract images, painted or color filtered.

Uit Het Rijk der Kristallen | Dir. Jan Cornelis Mol | Netherlands | 1928 | 9 min |
Uit het Rijk der Kristallen is one of the scientific films created by Jan Cornelis Mol. In the film crystallization processes of various chemicals are shown. The film was shown not only in educational and scientific presentations, but also resonated with avant-garde circles.

Nacht-Licht | Dir. Bart Vegter | Netherlands | 1993 | 13 min |
The composition consists of eight to fourteen elements that continually change position, direction and color. The three parts of the film (Origin, Transformation and Reflection) explore the way the elements interact and influence each other.

Part of the 2011 5 Days Off electronic & dance music festival.

In collaboration with EYE Film Institute