Luc van Weelden & Dagora meet Karlheinz Martin

Morgens 1761
Fri May 13 – 8:00PM -- 9:30PM

Where: Goethe Institute Amsterdam

Von Morgens bis Mitternachts (From Morn to Midnight)

| Dir. Karlheinz Martin | Germany | 1920 | 73 min |

Adapted from Georg Kaiser's classic Expressionist theater play by the same name, From Morn to Midnight is one of the most radical films produced in the 20s. A bank cashier in a small German town tries to escape his middle-class life by stealing a large sum of money and heading for the capital city. Here, lost among lurking nightmarish streets, he seeks satisfaction in sport, love and religion. Intensely stylized under the rigid Expressionist canon, this rarely-seen gem of avant-garde cinema remains one of the most original and truly ground-breaking movies produced in the early days of cinema.

Luc van Weelden has been working in the development of hardware and software for music and video applications, designing interactive systems for performances and multimedia installations. His work ranges from interactive systems for improvising jazz ensembles and Lego controlled turntables to real-time generative video installations and live performances with circuit-bent toys. Luc is active as a performer of electronic music with self made sound devices, hacked circuits, computers and turntables. Tonight he will play with the collective Dagora.