New Music for Found Footage. #1 Tom Trago meets EYE

Eye Dust Poetry Square
Thu Aug 28 – 8:30PM -- 11:30PM

Where: Trouw Amsterdam

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TrouwAmsterdam & CineSonic present: New Music for Found Footage.
#1 Tom Trago meets EYE

From August till November 2014 TrouwAmsterdam & CineSonic present a new series of four events dedicated to found footage cinema and live electronic music: New Music for Found Footage. The first edition will take place on August 28 with Tom Trago performing a new original score to a selection of short films from the EYE archive.

This program presents a 60 minutes selection of works from the EYE film archive.
From film collages to abstract documentaries, this presentation offers an overview of some of the best Dutch and international film works produced in the last decades. Featuring films by Barbara Meter, Karel Doing, Mayumi Nakazaki, Michiel van Bakel, Fred Pelon, Nan Wang & José Miguel Biscaya. The program is presented in collaboration with EYE.

Tom Trago is a man that has crossed pretty much all boundaries in electronic music and always does whatever feels right at the moment. Apart form Trouw resident, he is an internationally renowned DJ, producer, live performer and label owner. With already three acclaimed albums albums on his name and many musical collaborations it seems like the sky is the limit.

The CineSonic show at Trouw on August 28 will mark Trago's first re-scoring effort. For this A/V presentation he will be collaborating with two extra musicians, The Deaf bassist Janneke Nijhuis & Caro Emerald gitarist Wieger Hoogendorp.

EXCELLENT NEWS!!! Just now (25/08) we have received word of the add on of renowned contrabassist Wilbert de Joode to Trago's CineSonic outfit. With only 3 nights to go everybody involved in making this show happen is getting more and more excited for Thursday's show!!!


1. Stretto | ned | 2005 | Barbara Meter | 6 min
2. Chapter 2 - The Field Trip | ned | 2011 | Mayumi Nakazaki | 6.20 min
3. Little Stabs | ned | 2011 | Barbara Meter | 3 min
4. Collision | ned | 2008 | Michiel van Bakel | 3 min
5. Liquidator | ned | 2010 | Karel Doing | 7.45 min
6. Fontage | ned | 2008 | Fred Pelon | 10.30 min
7. Mold Boat | ned | 2003 | Fred Pelon | 4.30 min
8. Dust-Poetry | ned | 2013 | Nan Wang | 9.10 min
9. #29 | ned | 2012 | José Miguel Biscaya | 7 min

Tickets: regular € 12.50 / Trouwe Honden, students and Cineville pass € 10 / Public pass 50% off.

Nmfff F Bbanner

Found footage filmmaking has its roots in experimental cinema and the avant-garde traditions of the 1920s and 1930s. As the term 'found footage' suggests, filmmakers and artists working within this genre/practise utilise already existing “found” fragments to create new works. Through reassembling, de-contextualising or 'remixing', pre-existing fragments are given new meaning and new narratives are created. The program will include two feature films (Film Ist. 1-6 and Lyrisch Nitraat) by two of the most renowned found footage filmmakers active today (Gustav Deutsch and Peter Delpeut) and two compilations of international and Dutch experimental short films and videos co-curated by EYE en LIMA.


25 September
#2 Wolfgang Voigt meets Gustav Deutsch’ Film Ist 1 – 6

Gustav Deutsch, born in Vienna in 1952, is a leading figure in contemporary found footage and experimental cinema. Trained as an architect and practising as a visual artist, he is renowned for his original approach to filmmaking. In his extravagant "remixes" of film history, every genre imaginable has its place: fiction and document, newsreels, amateur and scientific film.

According to Deutsch, Film Ist. is a work in progress aiming at dissecting and defining cinema by breaking it down and manipulating its component parts. Film Ist. 1-6 gathers the first six chapters of Deutsch's landmark found footage series of film essays and consists almost entirely of excerpts from various scientific films.

Live score by Wolfgang Voigt

Wolfgang Voigt is an electronic music producer from Cologne and has worked under numerous pseudonyms (Mike Ink, Studio1, Gas, Love Inc., Freiland, Wassermann, Grungerman). Wolfgang Voigt continuously varies his own, unmistakable style of music from the onset of the nineties and has contributed on a plethora of record labels, including Warp, Harvest, Raster-Noton and Force Inc. He is the co-founder of the influential German techno label Kompakt alongside Michael Mayer and Jürgen Paape.

30 October
#3 Legowelt meets LIMA

This program present a selection of classic works from the LIMA (formerly Montevideo/NIMK) archive. The videos of this program were produced between 1979 and 1988 by five Dutch and international video artists, including works by pioneers of European video art such as Klaus vom Bruch, Reinier Kurpershoek and Ron Sluik. The selection focuses on the aesthetics of video art produced in the 80s, when the practise of remixing or manipulating film and video footage became popular among artists to create new narrative pieces. The program is presented in collaboration with LIMA.

Live score by Legowelt

With a career ranging over a decade, Danny Wolfers AKA Legowelt is one of the most respected Dutch indie electronic music producers active today. Always away from trends or hypes, his studio productions and legendary live sets blend different styles of electronics music to create a truly unique sound.

13 November
#4 Shackleton meets Peter Delpeut’s Lyrisch Nitraat

Dutch filmmaker Peter Delpeut is among Europe’s most respected contemporary experimental filmmakers. Delpeut's career started in 1984 with the short film Emma Zunz and was followed by thirteen more films and documentaries. His latest documentary Immer Fernweh was awarded with a Gouden Kalf in 2012.

Lyrisch Nitraat consists of clips from various silent films printed on decaying film stock originally part of the Desmet Colletion, creating an abstract collage of frames and clips which compose a poetic mediation on cinema and on the fleeting nature of human existence itself.
This tribute to early cinema, constructed from restored colour-tinted nitrate films in different stages of deteriorations, has been reviewed as “the work of a poet” by The New York Times and awarded internationally since its release in 1991.

Live Score by Shackleton

Arguably one of the most relevant names from the first and second wave of UK's dubstep scene, Shackleton is renowned for his productions as much as for his live performances. Shackleton's approach to electronic music is strikingly unique, blending heavily processed beats to make complex poly-rhythmic percussive patterns and using melodies and scales that are uncommon in Western music.

New Music for Found Footage is supported by AFK.