POLE v NICOLAS PROVOST at Natlab Eindhoven.

04 Pole Provost Kostantin
Wed Apr 16 – 8:30PM -- 10:00PM

Where: Natlab

We're happy to announce a reprise of the very successful artistic get-together of renowned NewYork based Belgium video artist Nicolas Provost & exquisite German, Berlin based electronic music producer POLE. This show opens a series of special events at Eindhoven's new cultural center Natlab , focussing on arts and culture from Belgium: "De Belgen komen!" (The Belgians are coming!).

Filmmaker and visual artist Nicolas Provost (Belgium, 1969) is renowned for his manipulation of film language. Provost's works are suspended between cinema and visual arts, in a realm where the cinematic experience overlaps with our own imagination, creating new suspenseful narratives. Viewers are engaged through a masterful manipulation of time and cinematographic norms, via the use of film fragments and original images.

Provost's work has been presented in galleries and musea worldwide and has been screened at some of the most important international film festivals such as Sundance, Venice Film Festival, Locarno and International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Five Nicolas Provost's videos will be screened with a new original score composed and performed live by POLE.


Moving Stories (2011)
Storyteller (2011)
Bataille (2003)
Gravity (2007)
Tokyo Giants (2012)

Stefan Betke aka Pole is widely regarded as one of the most influential electronic music producers. His first three albums (simply named One, Two and Three), published between 1998 and 2000, are considered landmark productions in the evolution of techno music and of the sub-genre of 'dub techno' in particular. In 1999, Stefan Betke and Barbara Preisinger started their label ~scape, which became an imprint for unique and outstanding electronic music made by artists such as Jan Jelinek, Deadbeat, Kit Clayton, Pole and many more.

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