Raphael Vanoli & Mark Morse meet Sebastian Diaz Morales

Fri Apr 12 – 8:30PM -- 9:30PM

Where: Goethe Institute Amsterdam

Damage: €5,00

Three videos of Sebastian Diaz Morales will be screened with a new soundtrack performed live by:

Raphael Vanoli (DE/F) guitar & Mark Morse (US) guitar.

Check our blog for interviews with Morales, Morse & Vanoli on their CineSonic experience.
Interview Sebastian Diaz Morales | Interview Raphael Vanoli & Mark Morse

Raphael Vanoli is one half of Amsterdam indie rock darlings Knalpot . Vanoli's solo shows have been hosted by relevant jazz festivals and venues such as Muziekgebouw aan't Ij and Northsea Jazz. Mark Morse is a respected guitarist, arranger/assembler, sound editor and dj (under the name Morsanek). Vanoli and Morse have performed together as part of the experimental electric guitar quintet The Family Tapes. This is the first time they will play as a duo.

Sebastian Diaz Morales works can be described as filmic narratives embracing stories that sometimes resemble science fiction, sometimes with certain catastrophic overtones, and in which there is an ever-present common denominator of a minimalist narrative style. 

His work encompasses the most contemporary and creative reportage, epic narrative, documentaries, short auteur films, filmic essays, and indeed an undeniable touch of poetry that cause his videos to oscillate between reality and fiction, always filtered through the artist's creative subjectivism.

Sebastian Diaz Morales experiments with various cinematographic genres, modes of expression and stylistic means; taking social constellations, literary models, culturally coded images as well as travel impressions and memory fragments as the hook and starting point for an intricately woven, wide-ranging series of images, which are often extremely complex in narrative terms. This it's done through an extreme observation of the difficulties inherent in human action setting out to concentrate on a socio-political idea through metaphor and often blurring the boundaries of language. 

His oeuvre resists attempts to be fixed by categorising definitions; it is not merely film, not solely art, it is documentary on occasion but never simply illustrative.

Next to Morales' Oracle  (2007) & The Apocalyptic Man (2002), we are very proud to include Sebastian's latest work Insight (2012), which had its European premiere at the Rotterdam International Film Festival 2013.