Fri Apr 18 – 8:00PM -- 9:30PM

Where: OT301

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Raphael Vanoli & Seamus Cater will play the Sounds of the Underground festival at OT301 with a new CineSonic show.

CineSonic staple Raphael Vanoli (electric guitar) will play solo to a selection of experimental films by Hans Richter and team up with Seamus Cater (duet concertina) for a live screening of Walter Ruttmann’s Lichtspiel Opus 1.

Raphael Vanoli creates unheard textures by using blowing techniques on his electric guitar. His music takes the form of uneven telluric sound-scapes and has elements of minimalistic song. At times loud and extreme, Vanoli’s music is especially meditative and body friendly. It hits the soul with waves of empathy.

Seamus Cater is an English musician / writer / performer / organiser, living and working in the Netherlands. Much of his music has a relationship to the British folk music revival of the 1950's and 60's while he does not try to recreate historical or modern folk music.

The oeuvre of Hans Richter (1888-1976) spanned nearly seven decades. Born in Berlin, he was one of the most significant champions of modernism. Berlin, Paris, Munich, Zurich, Moscow and New York were the major stations of his life. He was a painter and draughtsman, a Dadaist and a Constructivist, a film maker and a theoretician, as well as a great teacher. We will screen a selection of Richter's films from his early shape experiments to his fascination with films 'that give memory nothing to hang on' : Rhythmus 21, Rhythmus 23, Filmstudie, Ghosts Before Breakfast, Race Symphony, Two Pence Magic, Inflation, and Everything Turns Everything Revolves.

By film I mean visual rythm... to see movement, organized movement, wakes us up, wakes up resistance, wakes up the reflexes, and perhaps wakes up our sense of enjoyment as well. This kind of film gives memory nothing to hang on. At the mercy of "feeling", reduced to going with the rhythm according to the successive rise and fall of the breath and the heartbeat, we are given a sense of what feeling and perceiving really is: a process - MOVEMENT.  (Hans Richter 1924)

Walter Ruttmann’s Lichtspiel Opus 1, is the first of the four-part Lichtspiel: Opus was an early film career high for Walter Ruttman, an artist with a background in painting, graphic design, and architecture, and a future in Nazism (he supported Hitler and assisted Leni Riefenstahl with conceiving Triumph of the Will.) Ruttman was committed to a sanitarium after suffering a nervous breakdown on the Eastern Front during World War I. Not long after being released, he turned his sights to abstract animation, cementing his place as an early innovator of the form. Throughout the four Opus films, Ruttman utilizes tinting, toning, coloring of emulsions, and contemporary Oskar Fischinger’s wax-slicing methods, creating images intended to provoke the kind of emotional responses that one might experience while listening to music.

The immaculate DJ TUNN PEPPARKAKA will be spinning some lovely tunes before and after the show.

Tickets only go for full SOTU festival day or passe-partout. Friday ticket € 12,- / Passe partout € 25,-
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Doors : 20:00 | Show 20:15