Soundscape Sessions vol.2: Dada and Surrealist Cinema.

Ss02 12 2007
Sun Dec 2 – 7:00PM -- 9:00PM

Where: OT301

A handfull of classic avant-garde films, A handfull of live acts to experience Dada and Surrealist cinema via a series of musical interpretations.

A selection of inspired Amsterdam-based musicians (song-writers, rock bands, 28-bit composers) was asked to provide their own interpretation to some of the most ground-breaking avant-garde short films from the beginning of last century. The result will be a kaleidoscopic eruption of images and sounds joining old and new into original, surprising and unexpected compositions.

The evening will be closed by the screening of Luis Bunuel’s surrealist masterpiece, L’Age D’Or, presented with a custom-made soundtrack blending acoustic elements and electronic music.

Live soundtrack performances by: Golden RetrieverBREINMattaklap & HakkiTakkiFilippo Castelazzi & Co.