The Anacondas meet Murnau's TABU at EYE

The Anacondas Portrait Square Copy
Sun Mar 24 – 4:00PM -- 6:00PM

Where: EYE Film Institute Netherlands

Damage: €14,50 | Get it here!

We are very proud to announce the CineSonic Anacondas meet Murnau's Tabu show will take place at EYE.

Tabu : A Story of the South Seas
| Dir. F. W. Murnau | Germany | 1931 | 81 min | 

Murnau’s Tabu brings the ‘Romeo & Juliet’ tale in Polynesia, where the drama of a young couple unfolds. Two lovers are doomed when the girl is chosen as ‘holy maid’ and declared “tabu” to all men by a tribal edict.
Unlike his landmark expressionist titles such as Nosferatu and Faust, Tabu is filmed in sunny Tahiti and features gorgeous tropical landscapes and dazzling underwater images. Co-produced by legendary documentary filmmaker Robert Flaherty and filmed with a cast of local non-professional actors to add realism to the story, Tabu was Murnau’s last film as he died in a car accident just a few weeks before the film’s premiere.

Tabu is going to be screened with a new score composed and performed live by Dutch surf legends The Anacondas . The Anacondas play kick ass, spaced out, groovy, reverb drenched and heavily surf influenced rock 'n' roll but left out the singing. The Anacondas play dinner dance parties, weddings, underground open air festivals and people's living rooms and back yards ... Hell, The Anacondas would play anywhere their backline fits in.