Richard Tas 20110307 Do2 G6755
Sun Mar 6 – 11:00PM -- 11:59PM

Where: melkweg

The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation is a live improv jazz/drone/doom side-project consisting of The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble members Gideon Kiers - Telco Systems -, Jason Köhnen, aka Bong-Ra, Charlotte Cegarra, Hilary Jeffery, Eelco Bosman, Nina Hitz, and Sarah Anderson and various interchanging guest musicians including Ron Goris. The semi-improvised, dark, heavy, “sludgy” counterpart to the Ensemble, the Corporation leaves all borders behind, focusing on mesmerizing, doom-ridden drones and melodies, combined with the jazzy grooves and melodies of cello and saxophones.

Images of a Moving City | Dir. Karel Doing | Netherlands | 2001 | 37 min |
Poetic documentary about people who literally and figuratively move in a changing city. The city is presented as a crossroad of cultures, experiences and thought-currents produced by the imagination of its residents and at the same time affected by their mood. In the film we follow a number of people with different cultural backgrounds, dreams and ambitions, and share a piece of their daily lives.

Part of the 2011 5 Days Off electronic & dance music festival.

In collaboration with EYE Film Institute