TOKTEK meets René Clair & Henri Plaat.

Toktek (Tom Verbruggen)
Wed 2 Mar @ 11:50PM --
Thu 3 Mar, 12:30AM

Where: Melkweg

Trained as a fine artist, Tom Verbruggen (TOKTEK), had no formal training in electronics. However, TOKTEK’s exploration of electronic music started early on, through the use of computers, handmade machines and electronic devices. His work is best witnessed live, where the communicative relationship between humans and machines is playfully explored through creative sound manipulations and unpredictable compositions. 

Entr'acte | Dir. René Clair | France | 1924 | 16 min |
Surrealistic film directed by legendary filmmaker René Clair. A series of images is assembled following an ironical and dreamlike logic. Dada filmmaking at it’s very best.

Fragments Of Decay | Dir. Henry Plaat | NL | 1983 | 12min |
Fragments of Decay, architectural shots of abandoned buildings, walls, the kind that appear in the nether landscapes of Cocteau’s Orpheus (1949), but emptied, worn, eroded, silent, pensive and wise.

Part of the 2011 5 Days Off electronic & dance music festival.

Presented in collaboration with the EYE Film Institute.