Vincent Koreman meets Jiska Rickels

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Fri Oct 29 – 8:00PM -- 9:45PM

Where: Schijnheilig

4 Elements

| Dir. Jiska Rickels | Netherlands | 2006 | 89 min |

Since the beginning of time the human race tried to explain the primal elements of their world: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. During the development of mankind they were deciphered, lost their mysticand transformed into pure matter. As an effect, people lost their respect for their power. 4 Elements is a four chapter documentary about men who are still fighting one of the elements in the 21st century. 

4 Elements will be screened with a new electronic score composed and performed live by Vincent Koreman.

Active in the Dutch music scene for almost two decades, Vincent Koreman 's career saw him swing from punkrock bands The House of Destructo and the Travoltas to experimental electronic music production under the pseudonym RA-X. Visual artist, music producer, party organizer and founder of the record label and artist collective Vatican Analog, Koreman is also co-founder of Incubate festival in Tilburg.

Part of the 4 Tuned Cities Festival amsterdam edition.